Dear SMDHON customers,

Many have described these as uncertain times. That’s true for each of us, as it is for all of you, but we’re also going to look towards the future. First and foremost, any tickets already purchased for any of our cancelled events will be usable at any future event. If you bought a standard ticket, all you have to do is show up, and we’ll take your name off the list. If you bought a veteran ticket with table space, you will need to contact us ahead of time so that we can have that table space ready for you. If you come to an event without contacting us, you will be granted general admission but most likely will not be able to get that table space. Individuals who had previously purchased tickets will also be receiving an email with these instructions in more detail.

This situation has significantly impacted our organization, as obviously we cannot currently host any events. What you may not know is that there are significant start-of-year upkeep costs necessary to what we do, and without events, paying those becomes more and more difficult. So we’re asking for your help. General Admission Tickets will soon go on sale on our website. These will be priced at 11 dollars; slightly more expensive than a standard ticket, but still cheaper than a ticket at the door. These tickets will be admissible for any of our events this year. Several of the admins have items for sale; the profit from these sales, after material costs, will also go towards the upkeep and operation of our games. Now more than ever, we would be extremely grateful for any donations that can be made. We know that not everyone can, and that’s okay, but if you would like to help support the game and are able to, it would be a big help.

Our goal, as it always has been, is to ensure that we can provide the entertainment and enjoyment you all have come to expect from us. To that end, any money we raise during this period which goes above our upkeep costs will be spent directly back into the organization to improve the game, our services, and most importantly your experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions to this end, please let us know in a comment or message to the page. It is the sincere hope of the entire admin team that when this is over, we can not only go back to hosting events, but make them better than ever before.  So please check out our new Swag, Store, and Donate sections on this site.

How to join the fun!

Pick an event

Use our google calendar to find an event you're able to attend.

Get Tickets

Use our ticketing site to get tickets for your chosen event.

Note: not all events have tickets available yet but will as the event gets closer. Most event tickets are available the day after the previous event and remain available online until the day before that event. We also always have tickets available at the door on the day of an event. Some events our free so please pay attention to the details.


Fling Foam
Come on out on the day of the event you've chosen and fling some foam. We have free loaner blasters available in limited quantities, and rental blasters with upgraded performance too. We provide all the ammo (types are limited), you just need safety glasses and willingness to have fun!

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