Volunteer Opportunities & Signup

Would you like to save a few dollars on the cost of your ticket? Well you can do so by volunteering to help out at the next Southern Maryland House of Nerf of event. Just fill out and submit the form below to get started. Submissions must be received at least one week before the event you would like to volunteer for. You must be at least 18 years or older to volunteer. Tickets must be purchased online prior to the event in order receive a discount. The amount of volunteers needed are limited for each event and depend on potential attendance for that event, so get your submissions in early.  Volunteers will be notified via email along with coupon code at least 5 days prior to the event they volunteer for. Volunteering for half the day (setup or clean up) saves you a $1.50. Volunteering for the whole day (both setup and clean up) saves you $3.00 Please us the form below to submit your request to volunteer.


  • Be familiar with the SMDHON Rule book to include the basic rules, conduct and game types.

  • Be familiar with the products and services provided by SMDHON at their events.

  • Be respectful to all staff requests and customer questions.


  • HELP on and off the field.

    • Set up, clean up, or both (cover set up and break down)

    • Blaster jams for team mates (on and off field)

    • Explaining where to sign in or make a purchase

    • Rule explanation to team mates during game play

  • Plan accordingly… if you are a volunteer helper be a volunteer helper.