We recently got our first sponsor ever with WORKERKIT and we are so excited. On this page you'll find links to their site and any current coupon codes we have. Please enjoy.

Update 10-20-2018:

We finally got a chance to use some of the products they sent us and let me tell you, this stuff is great!  We were using both their yellow and their black accufake darts and they stood up to the abuse we gave them. Shooting them through blasters with as low as 42mm crush cages and not experiencing any jams or malfunctions.  We also got a chance to use their Mega accufakes and they performed just as well with a bit of tight fit in some blasters. And finally we used two of their newly redesigned worker 22s in translucent blue. Having used plenty of worker 22s these performed as expected if not better. They also look amazing in the new color! Can't wait to see what else we get our hands on.


Right now we have a 8% off coupon good starting on October 16th and good for a month or 12 uses. Please use the code "Smdhouse1" at checkout to receive your discount on orders over $20.